Young hot headed street racer


Body 4 Essence
Agility 8 Magic -
Reaction 8 Initiative 12 +1d6
Strength 8 Matrix In 9 +4d6
Will 2 Astral In. 8 +2d6
Logic 4 Composure 5d6
Intuition 3 Judge Intent 6d6
Charisma 2 Memory 7d6
Edge 5

Skill Group Engineer (2) Perception (2)
Pilot Air (6) Electronic Warfare (2)
Pilot Ground (5) Throwing Wpn (1)
Pilot Walker (4)
Gunnery (6)

High Pain Tolerance (2) Gear Head
Jury Rig Distinctive Style
Addiction- Moderate (Hot Sim)

Drone Dealer 4/4 Biker Gang 1/1


Name: Harvey Wuzhou
Codename: Clutch
Age: 18

Bio: Raised in the streets by poor inattentive parents, a story all too common in today’s cruel world. Harvey or as he is better known Clutch, tired of his abusive family Clutch stole his father’s car at 13 and never looked back (the cops never could catch him). He eventually turned to the life of a shadowrunner to make a living. He always could make a buck driving or fixing up some car and developed his love for anything with a motor early. He loved the thrill of racing (not to mention the prize money) but developed a moderate addiction to hot sim because of it, fortunately his winnings and his work as an impromptu getaway driver has kept his pockets lined well enough to feed his passion/addiction, but for how long can it last?


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